The Salts /The Summer Salts
Just A PInch

1. After School Special
2. Mid-Summer Fire
3. And You Thought You Had Problems
4. Lasers From Cannons
5. Movie Montage
6. Anything You Want
7. A Girl Named Ruth
8. When I Dated Satan
9. Jack Kackmar

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All Recordings © 2007-2009 The Salts
Songs by Travis Lee Wiggins/Mike Rice - ASCAP
All lyrics by Travis Lee Wiggins

Tracks 1-5
Travis Lee Wiggins (lead & backup vocals, bass),
Mike Rice (guitar, backup vocals),
Luke Krause (drums, backup vocals)
Produced by The Salts & Mike Regan
Mixed by Mike Regan & The Salts
Engineered & Mastered by Mike Regan
Instruments recorded at Engine Studios: Chicago, IL on 3.7.2009
Vocals recorded at The Barn: Valparaiso, IN in 4.09-5.09

Tracks 6-9
Travis Lee Wiggins - vocals, bass, keyboards
Mike Rice - guitar
Eoin Burke - drums
Production, Mixing, & Mastering by Travis Lee Wiggins
@ Beware of Dog Studios

Art Direction & Design by Travis Lee Wiggins
Salts & Summer Salts logos design by Travis Lee Wiggins
Photography by Travis Lee Wiggins
Model: Sara Podwol

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